Monday, October 8, 2012

Choosing the Right Breast Enhancement Size

It is very important to choose the appropriate breast enhancement size for your body. Selecting the wrong size may lead to the need for a second surgery, which is something you do not want to have to go through if at all possible.
To figure out what size would be best for you, take a look at some nude images of women in magazines. In particular, look for close-up shots of breasts and silhouette shots. When you find ones that closely match what you think would be suitable for your bosom, cut them out so you can take them with you for your consultation with the cosmetic surgeon.
Cut out photos of various sizes of breasts, from the smallest to the largest. Take these pictures with you as well. After the doctor takes a look at all of the photos that you have presented him with, ask him to show you photos he has compiled of patients with various breast sizes. Pay attention to the before and after pictures. This helps you to gauge the quality of his work and to verify the numerous sizes that he has worked on.
Ask the physician if he can use computer enhancement to help you select the size you want for your new and improved chest. Breast enhancement size is easier to understand and decide upon if you see it on a screen in front of your eyes. If the cosmetic surgeon does have this technology available to him, use it to your advantage. Play around with various breast volumes to decide which one would look the best on your body.
Allow the doctor to make suggestions to you and to offer his professional opinion. This is his field of study and expertise, so defer to his knowledge in assisting you in choosing the breast enhancement size that would be most fitting for you. He will take a thorough look at your frame and will provide you with an honest assessment. The size for implants is calculated in cc's. The physician will be able to determine quantity for the implants based upon what you tell him you are looking for and what he feels in his professional capacity is suitable for you.
There are numerous considerations to muse when you are contemplating a new size for your bosom. The form of your body is one, as is your body structure, your weight and your height. A woman who has wide shoulders or a solid body structure might look wonderful with larger breasts. However, contrast that with a woman who is slim and has narrower shoulders. On a female with this type of frame, large breasts would make her look as if she were top-heavy. As well, a slimmer woman might find that choosing a large breast enhancement size would cause her backaches because of the additional weight brought on by the too-large breasts.

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