Monday, October 22, 2012

People Are Saying About Raspberry Ketone

Recently, raspberry ketone has been found to be very effective natural compound that boosts metabolism process in humans and thus results in fat burning process. Use of this compound on regular basis can help reduce body weight.
There are several supplements available in the market that contain raspberry ketone as their major ingredient. People are using weight loss supplement for quite some time and have their own views about it. Let's see what people are saying about it?
To start with, there are two groups of people who have used supplements that contain raspberry ketone. Firstly, we have people who are satisfied with the product and its outcome, and in the other group we have users who are not satisfied with the supplement(s) and its results.
People have mixed sort of reviews. I actually gathered my data from Amazon and a few other sites that directly sell these supplements. Here is what my data analysis suggested:
- 3 out of 5 overall average rating given by users.
- The number of users who gave 5 rating is almost equal to the number of users who gave a rating of 1.
Since I was more interested to know what is going wrong and what is the actual reason as to why people are not satisfied with raspberry ketone supplement, so I read a lot of reviews with lower ratings. Here is what I found:
- Most of the supplements contain several different ingredients including raspberry ketone, caffeine and many others. In most of the cases, its caffeine that is creating problems for users. A fairly large number of users do not know (when they buy the supplement) that it includes a large percentage of caffeine. They only realize or see the ingredients when things do not work out. And this makes them dissatisfied.
- On average, a person needs 200 mg of ketone per day to burn all the unwanted fat. Usually supplements do not provide human body with this required quantity. This leads to poor results most of the times.
After reading lots of reviews on raspberry ketones, I finally concluded that if you really want to lose weight quickly and effectively via ketone, you must use raspberry ketone powder and not any supplement. Powder is pure and much effective and the best part, it does not contain any other ingredient that could harm your body (for instance caffeine). Supplements on other hand, can prove to be suicidal for heart patients, so stay away or at least go through ingredients to see what it is composed of.

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